US And International Trusted Travel Card


Flight With Global EntryTravel often from the US to Canada? You are a businessman, or just love to visit this country for pleasure? Actually, it doesn’t matter what the reason why you frequently cross the border is – anyway, you must to wait long until you check in at the airport. And in most cases the line standing makes us nervous, as well as takes us lots of time that we can use for more pleasant things during our stay at the airport: drinking a coffee and dining in the free zone, window – shopping or relaxing in some of the VIP premises!

Well, in fact there is a good way for you to avoid the long waiting times not only at the airport, but also when you travel by land and sea. And if you really hate to stand in lines and want to move faster, then you should get a GLOBAL ENTRY card – the best way for you to make your traveling more pleasant and comfortable. The best solution for you and your family in case you travel often to Canada and back and do not think to stop doing it!

What the benefits of getting GLOBAL ENTRY card are?

The first and probably the most significant advantage of your membership in GLOBAL ENTRY is the possibility for faster going through the check-in counters at the airport and avoiding the long tailback of cars when traveling by land. Thus, you will be able to even enjoy the check-in process that is almost always unpleasant and related to endless waiting…

How GLOBAL ENTRY cards do work?

The easy way of operating with GLOBAL ENTRY card provides trouble-free crossing trough the border, as well as easy and fast check-in at the airport. If you entering the country of Canada by air, you will find self-serve kiosks at several airports, as the only thing you should do is to insert your card into the document reader of the kiosk and to follow the instructions. They are clear, precise and easy to understand! After your successful check-in, you will be able to go on to the free zone and to enjoy the remaining time until your flight.

How all that seem to you – very comfortable, right?

Well, no doubt to get a GLOBAL ENTRY card is the best thing you can do in case you want to save time at the border and to stay away from the crowds! Being member of GLOBAL ENTRY will help you to get on time and will provide you with simple and quick way of borders crossing – take advantage of this amazing service and make your travel really pleasant!

Some of us prefer to travel to Canada by car if that is the case you can learn more about Nexus Card, but this way of traveling is also related to definite discomfort – traffic jams while waiting at the border and long lines… So, just get a GLOBAL ENTRY cardand forget about all the unpleasant situations related to the border or the airport and enjoy your travel! When entering Canada by car and by using GLOBAL ENTRY card, you will be able to string out in your own car lane that is only for all members of Global Entry! Thus, you will get the fastest of all passengers, trouble-free and without long waiting!

Every flight, as well as travel by sea or land can be comfortable and even enjoyable – you just have to get a GLOBAL ENTRY card that to use during your next crossing the United States-Canada border! All your family will be surprised by the amenities and benefits that the membership in GLOBAL ENTRY gives.

Be different and stay away from the crowd. Get the amazing GLOBAL ENTRY card and enjoy your trip.

We hope this video will help, as well!