The views and the news on the slopes come on time with Bansko webcams

Live update with Bansko Webcams

The spotlights inevitably turn to Bansko when the elite of winter sports gather on the slopes of the leading Bulgarian resort. Dozens of cameras appear in the area of Banderishka Polyana to shoot the competitions of the highest international and the stars that climb triumphantly to the podium. Being it for the Alpine World Cup event for the top women skiers like it was a couple of years ago for or a contest between the best snowboarders – the national pride Radoslav Yankov present on the list is guaranteed in the recent seasons – plenty of pictures and videos are made during those weekends. But Bansko webcams are always there for the duration of the winter season, not only when the major events happen.

Do the cameras go in sync with the weather report?

Yes, partially. Since the snow report in the area of the Pirin mountain resort is updated several times a day, the views and the news appearing on the Bansko webcams get refreshed all the time. You could check HERE randomly but regularly in a span of one or two hours just to be sure that the data and the pictures indeed represent live experience. You will probably notice that these are not motion pictures but rather static ones and even so the view and the numbers bring up sufficient information about what is going on the slopes at the moment, is it shiny or foggy, is the piste you prefer crowded or calm.

What is synchronized with the weather report is the location of the Bansko webcams. The real-time picture is available for the highest and the lowest spots on the ski map – Todorka peak and the Gondola lift station in the town, as well as for Banderishka Polyana and Shiligarnika, Chalin Valog and Platoto. Have in mind though that some of these cameras do not work during the summer. But in the snowy season, the views and the news are all set to provide last minute info.