Get ready for the party at Pamporovo ski resort

zamuka pamporovo

At least three thousand young people will hit Pamporovo ski resort for the second weekend of December 2018. If you wonder why the reason is easy to explain- 8th of December is not only the day John Lennon was shot to death but also happens to be the university students holiday in Bulgaria. So, this is one of the wildest nights in the year, and the Rhodopes-based winter destination makes the top of the list of favorite places to be booked. A special tent will be lifted for the Students’ Fest for the second year in a row, and the buzz will make the whole area rock.

That college kids party usually precedes the official kick-off of the ski season at Pamporovo, Bulgaria. So if you want to book a room in Pamporovo for 8th of December, it might turn out that the place is already packed. But it’s not too late to find your suite near the Pamporovo ski map for the better part of the 2018-19 campaign.

A crazy atmosphere during the winter? Not really

skiing in pamporovo and snowboardExcluding the holidays, Pamporovo ski resort is not the loudest area around the Bulgarian mountains. The apres-ski options are present, and the travelers are granted the opportunity to choose among some great bars and clubs on the territory of that holiday village. Anyway, it’s nothing like noise all around the place to mess up with your sleep if you prefer to rest instead of going to party.

Those college kids would not ruin the trails located on the Pamporovo ski map. Early-December usually is not too busy on the slopes of the Rhodopes. In a typical winter, the snowfall is scarce before the last month of the year starts. The temperatures drop near the zero when November is about to end, and the snow cannons begin to cover the runs no earlier than that.

pamporovo bulgaria holidaysThe magnificent nature of the region is one of the main reasons to make the young people pick Pamporovo, Bulgaria for the Students’ Holiday. And the same reason plays a big part for those who book their skiing vacation for the same destination only a few weeks later. The perfect time to make a trip to Pamporovo ski resort for an athletic purposed break comes in January when there is enough snow on the hills. But don’t think it’s too far away on the calendar because the demand for the Rhodopes destination grows continuously every year.

So far, the total length of the pistes available on the Pamporovo ski map is little more than 50 km. The competition on the national level in the face of Bansko and Borovets is ahead in that sense. But Pamporovo ski resort has more than one reason to think of bright prospects. Bright literally – this is the sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria. And soon it might be the largest when the expansion and the merge with the neighboring Mechi Chal resort spread on a full scale. But you don’t have to wait for that – visiting Pamporovo, Bulgaria for the upcoming season might be the perfect winter pick.