How to plan a trip with a group of friends

sunny beach- the place that never sleeps

Teaming up with friends for the summer break might win you a lifetime great experience of fun and joy. Gathering a gang for an outdoor camping or for a road-tripping, hiking and biking – sounds like a real adventure, isn’t it? But what about a more settled type of vacation – does it have to be boring to stay a whole week in one spot or area? There is a place in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach is the name, where the party never stops if you are up for it.


Can I go there with my mates?


You SHOULD go there with your friends if your agenda is to find the loudest gig on the sea in 2018. They say this resort – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is the Balkans answer to the Ibiza buzz. Is it an overstatement or we really can put a “=” in the middle? Guess it depends on the individual experience. But what really matters, is the fact that Sunny Beach hotels are actually pretty welcoming in their proposals to the group reservations you can see it that just clicking to reach where the greatest deals find place. The bigger the band is, the cheaper turns out to be the accommodation.


Have you turned attention to those self-catering bargains? 160-something GBP per person for the whole week? Is it a joke? No. It isn’t. This is a real thing. Here’s the deal – or one of the possible deals: Four mates (gals are not excluded) from East Midlands book a suite at the Apartment Summer Dreams and everyone has to pay less than 170 pounds for the great Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays.


The “no food” kind of reservation might work out just fine for you if the party routine excludes all routine in the meals timing. But if your group of friends prefers to stick with one or more dishes included in the deal, then you have to choose either the half-board accommodation or pick even some of the all-inclusive Sunny Beach 2017 availabilities. Options like the 4-star Hotel Diamond cost more (420 GBP at least) but when the food is granted all day it might actually make more sense to book an apartment of such kind. It all depends on your personal… sorry, group preferences.


Can we have fun in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria?


Wait, are just scrolling through this article or you are really reading it? What about the “Balkans Ibiza” was told unclear? This is it – this is the destination in the Black Sea where you and your pals can spend the loudest gig in the region. The famous Cacao Beach has to ring some bells. If it doesn’t, the only thing we need to mention really is that some of the most notorious DJs and electronic artists such as Fatboy Slim, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Sven Vath, Roger Sanchez, Josh Wink made the crowd go wild during their gigs in the most prominent disco zone in the resort and the place is far from being the single choice for that matter on the map of the leading summer destination in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach!


Do we have to travel for days to reach it?


Nope. You need several hours from the check-in at your local British airport to the moment when you put your feet in the room of the one among the Sunny Beach hotels claimed to be the pick of your choice. The Bourgas airport stands just a half-hour away from the airport so as soon as you land in the country you are about to reach your destination pretty soon.