Bansko is the best Bulgarian winter resort once again

Bansko Winter Resort

Several weeks prior the official launch of the ski season Bansko has been once again recognized as a favourite destination for a winter vacation. The Pirin mountain resort claimed its fame being selected as the best place for a snowy holiday in Bulgaria on the annual World Ski Awards at the ceremony held at Kitzbuhel, Austria. And that prize only confirms the growing popularity of the complex the main piste of which is named after the legendary Alberto Tomba. People working inside the winter tourism predict increasing demand for the Bansko lift pass and the winter sports lovers are already anxious to learn what the prices will be.

Bansko Lift Pass Price

One thing is clear beyond doubts – there will be no arrow pointing up regarding the seasonal card fee. The level stays the same as for the 2016-17 winter – 1300 BGN (just above 650 Euro) is the amount to be paid for the regular Bansko ski pass if the deal is conducted after 1st December. And until the last day of November all skiers and snowboarders have the chance to get the season ticket on discount for 100 BGN less. Anyone younger than 16 and older than 7 will pay 1100 BGN for all winter if the Banko lift pass is purchased before the last month of the year comes to be on the calendar.

While the official price list is still about to be published there are no hints in the direction of some probable growth of the fees. Last year the daily Bansko ski pass cost 58 BGN or around 30 Euro for adults and 49 BGN (25 Euro) for children younger than 12 years. The Pirin mountain resort allows access on a half-day basis but only after 12.30. In the previous season, the fee for four hours in the afternoon was 45 BGN. It’s expected the youngest skiers to benefit once again since everyone under school age was granted access for only One lev or 50 Euro cents for the daily Bansko lift pass.

Students book the place before the skiers

The hype in the footsteps of the Pirin mountain is about to start even before the official opening of the season. Thousands of young people come to the small town for 8th December – this is a favourite destination the holiday of university students long time before the ski fame. By then the price of the Bansko ski pass should be already announced because the start of the 2017-18 winter cycle is planned for 16th December when the famous Italian downhill record holder Kristian Ghedina will provide some bit of a showcase on the slope named after his compatriot Tomba.

It’s busy in the town on Christmas and New Year’s Eve – it’s already almost impossible to book a room for the holidays. Some offers are still to be found here – but don’t give up if the December options won’t suit you. The best time for skiing comes in January so by then you will have the opportunity to buy Bansko lift pass on the place or online to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Number One Bulgarian ski resort.