6 simple benefits of All inclusive holidays in Bulgaria

Affordable holidays to Bulgaria in the Summer season 2018

Improvising on the spot regarding the summer vacation is hardly the best scenario you would like to be into. No planning might involve a variety of unexpected and unpleasant twists to ruin that week you have waited for so long. On the opposite, choosing all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria will deliver benefits which are easy to be predicted.

1.Nowhere on the sea is cheaper

 Such conclusion might be extracted from the last year’s Post Office worldwide research that proclaimed Sunny Beach as the best-valued beach resort on the globe. In terms of all inclusive Bulgaria offers the greatest number of deals to be booked for 2018 season right there. Starting as low as just over 300 GBP per person, the vacation village known as Slanchev Bryag in its native language is tough competition to beat in the list of the most profitable bargains. But the affordable opportunities aren’t restricted to Sunny Beach – checking the options for cheap all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria will lead you to other resorts like Nessebar in the southern part of the country’s coastline or to Golden Sands in the north.

2. Pay-up-front and spend little during the vacation

Well, that one applies basically to any point in the world where such deals are available. But as cheap as it is, reserving all-inclusive Bulgaria hotel will make the amount of money required for one week break even smaller. Don’t spend a penny outside for a food if you don’t want to – you have it all in the deal. The breakfast from the buffet is included and the same goes for the lunch, for the late afternoon snacks and ice-cream and for the dinner. Great, isn’t it? Adding the coffee and the tea and even the local beers and other alcoholic beverages make Bulgaria all-inclusive even more tempting.

3. Spare money for more fun

Not being required to spend much on the basics will allow you having more pounds for the activities outside of your house of accommodation. Choosing as a destination for holiday Bulgaria, all-inclusive deals will spare the weight on your budget so you don’t have to worry to pay extra money for extra fun. Plenty of excursion options are available in the area around the Black Sea and the top resorts like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands provide a wide variety of entertaining activities.

 4. All-inclusive Bulgaria – All-Star availability

Actually, not the full spectrum of categories but every level from 3 stars to the highest. One of the main advantages of the country regarding the summer tourism – the 5-star option for all-inclusive vacation is rarely to be found in some areas. Sunny Beach brings the top quality with Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel, Nessebar also has the best category in the face of Hotel Sol but Golden Sands is likely the resort with the widest horizon to book a 5-star all-inclusive holiday to Bulgaria.

5. The beach or the pool?

Have them both. While the weather in Bulgaria is favorable for the most of the summer, high waves occur on the shores of the Black Sea and for two or three days it might be unsafe to plunge into the salty water. But if the sun shines you can use the hotel pool to swim and relax in. Practically every hotel on the list of Bulgaria all-inclusive provides an area of that kind to the guests. Included in the price.

6. Bring the party with you

Don’t have to worry that you and your friends will not share the same resort for the summer vacation. Actually, the best All-inclusive Bulgaria deals are available if booked for three or four adults. Two couples can spend some wonderful time together on the Black Sea coast.